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Lynann Politte

Founder of Yoni Speaks

I’m a marketing strategist, manager, promoter and agent for teachers, authors, and musicians in the yoga industry. My specialty is working with individuals who have achieved a level of experience and recognition locally and want to take their business to the next level. I work with my clients to create a plan that increases revenue within your existing business model and integrates expansion nationally and international via workshop, trainings, retreats, books, streaming video and online products. With over 15 years of experience working with producers and studios over five continents, I craft and implement a strategically sound and profitable tour. My experience in managing personality driven brands enables me to help you explore and expand your brand through whichever media or product is most applicable and to create cross marketing strategies that integrate and expand the reach of your message.

I’ve worked with many high profile yoga and wellness experts beginning in 1990s within the infomercial industry, back when low impact aerobics was the craze. I’ve negotiated multi-million dollar product deals and some complicated (and nasty) business partner break-ups. From that experience I discovered that my place (and passion) is being the bridge for the intensely focused and creative wellness expert and the pragmatic-logistical business world.

My strategic planning and marketing background combined with my yoga management experience is a formidable combination for guiding and supporting my clients successfully. My highest value is integrity. My desire is to reframe “business” into a model that is conscious, mindful, and wrapped in integrity. I consider myself a professional who dwells within what I call the “Conscious Business Model”. How I work is a culmination of the tools I learned in business school, my 25 years of business experience, and my own personal soulful work. I love what I do and who I work with.

  • When scheduling events Lynann is passionate, thorough and organized. She always comes to the conversation with an open mind and creative ideas – making a performance or workshop accessible and enriching for all participants. As a promotional partner Lynann is resourceful and ambitious.

    Rachel Zargo
    Rachel Zargo Moksha Yoga Center & Stonehouse Farm Marketing Manager & Co-Director of Sukhava Bodhe Yoga & Music Festival
  • Lynann is a true delight to work with. She has facilitated bringing us several amazing presenters to our conferences in Texas. She is patient and very engaging in conversations about possibilities in various endeavors. I highly recommend her services.  

    Jennifer Buergermeister
    Jennifer Buergermeister CEO at Breathe the Cure, Inc. (Texas Yoga Conference, OneYogaUSA)
  • Lynann is a thoughtful, highly organized and efficient manager. We always know where we stand and have all of the necessary details ironed out well in advance of our workshops with the talent she manages. This gives us a great deal of peace of mind as studio owners in an industry where last minute no-shows, backouts, sloppy management and an “its all good” mindset are not uncommon, even with professional management companies.  Lynann is truly exceptional in this and many other ways.  

    Roger and Albina Rippy
    Roger and Albina Rippy Owners of YogaOne Studios
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